“What Is Your Travel Destiny”

I love taking these little quizzes online. “Which season are you” or “Which city should you have been born in” and that kind of rubbish. Why do I like ‘m? Dunno really. But this is the last one I tried, and I wondered which country Adam would get.

It’s one from Lonely Planet, which makes me feel a bit less stupid because it’s not about “what kind of sock are you” or anything like that. As you might expect, it’s about travel. More specifically: my travel destiny! Woooo. Sound exciting? Yes, it does!

Question 1: If your ideal destination was a drink, it’d be…

I picked craft beer. Although I have to admit, it isn’t just a drink, it’s also a challenge. You’d be surprised at how many (less than)average craftbeers are out there.

But anyways, off to the next question.

Question 2: You simply can’t travel without…

Now this one was tough. In the end I went with the Swiss army knife. To be honest, I don’t really have one, but I do always take my Opinel knife along on holiday. Usually for peeling my apples. Yes, I am a wuss.

Question 3: On a perfect journey, the person next to you is…

Ernest Hemingway. Who now? Well, I just went for the author in the list. I guess it would be like having a book with you, and I do love a good book. In any case it beats Katy Perry.

Question 4: Your ultimate in-flight entertainment is…

The movies on the in-flight entertainment console for long distance flights! Especially if it’ll be night when your flight arrives, because then I try to stay up the whole flight and can binge watch to my heart’s desire without feeling guilty about a possible waste of time. But that wasn’t one of the options so I picked my favourite music on shuffle. Not bad either to be honest. Although when I flew back from Bangkok, Coldplay made me cry. Double Wuss.

Question 5: After checking into a room, the first thing you do is…

Dump my stuff, grab a waterproof jacket and get outside. Or maybe have a shower first if I came from far.

Question 6: Pick a souvenir.

Vacuum-packed cheese. It’s cheese. And it will not stay vacuum-packed for long, if you know what I mean.

Result: USA

Go big or go home – that’s your philosophy on a bumper sticker when it comes to travel. You daydream of exploring monumental landscapes under endless skies, so where better to roam as free as a footloose bison than the national parks of the USA? Lace up your hiking boots for the Instagrammable terrain of Yosemite, Yellowstone and the rest, then take to the arrow-straight highways like an easy rider in search of the real America.

Hmm I was hoping for something more adventurous! Like a country I had never heard off. But all right then, if you say so Lonely Planet. To be honest: I’ve been wanting to go back to the USA ever since I first came back from it! I told you Yellowstone, I’d be back! Lonely Planet has spoken. Amen.

Jolijn loves taking these little quizzes online. Today she told me about a quiz that tells you, based on the answers you give, what city and country you are. So let’s give it a go, knowing my luck I’ll most likely be a country that doesn’t even exist anymore!

Question 1: If your ideal destination was a drink, it’d be…

Fruit Smoothie!! Why? Because they take a long time to drink, and always taste great. Very much how I like my holidays to turn out!

Question 2: You simply can’t travel without…

It has to be eye mask and earplugs. There’s nothing quite like being woken up at 2am by the sound of a Portuguese man reciting the bible in his sleep, or an Italian, unaware how loud she is being, whilst thinking she is being deadly silent. A must.

Question 3: On a perfect journey, the person next to you is…

Some interesting choices here. But I’ll go for Spock. Nobody is going to mess with me if I have a 6’0 pointy eared weirdo next to me. It works for a lot of comedy duos so why can’t it work for me? Plus I think Spock would look after the money situation because, it’s ‘Logical’.

Question 4: Your ultimate in-flight entertainment is…

A window seat and a clear sky. I really didn’t have to think about this. I still remember many flights, looking out of my window and being mesmerised by what I saw. Coming back from Canada, I saw beautiful snowy mountains. I saw Greenland (the actual country!) Coming back from Thailand, I saw desert in its entire baron state. I’ll never forget these. Memories last a lifetime.

Question 5: After checking into a room, the first thing you do is…

Check the wifi speed. It’s an old habit which I’ve never got quite tired of. Checking in to a hotel usually goes like this. “Sir, welcome to our hotel, your room is 219, we serve breakfast at..and dinner at…” It’s all a blur, I don’t care. “Wifi passcode is 224242” then, I’m listening. Techo geek here.

Question 6: Pick a souvenir.

Lots of new Facebook friends. This always happens! Everyone has Facebook these days. It’s a great way to keep in touch and to stalk your newly acquired friends. I still remember signing up to my Australia program, seeing that 20 people had added me, and then become friends with all these random people I’d never heard of before. It’s great. I still have a lot of people still on it actually, and regularly keep in touch.

Result: Mumbai (India)

You’re a human dynamo who doesn’t know – and doesn’t want to know – when to stop. Long after other travellers have gone to bed, you’re still out there roving unfamiliar streets and making new friends. Fortunately for you, India’s mushrooming ‘Maximum City’ is just as energetic. So join the Mumbaikars next year in a 24/7 blur of bhangra-filled bazaars, food fit for a maharaja and lashings of Bollywood bling. In the unlikely event you ever need a timeout, there’s always a ferry to sea breeze-cooled Elephanta Island…

Sounds about right. I went to Delhi once and I’ve never seen so many people in one place. 

What is your travel destiny? Do the test and let us know! (It is the link in the bottom right corner: “What’s your travel destiny?”)



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